Release Date: 2010.07.16
    A great deal of dissension will occur when it comes to the denouement of this great reputation movie, Inception. For the most part, some people assert that while others maintain that. However, from my point of view, it is more advisable to deduce that Cobb was still in “limbo” situation from the start. In the following section, I would like to briefly describe the plot of this movie.
    First of all, the actor, Leonardo Dicaprio, played a professional thief who can steal someone’s secret within a dream made by his partners or someone’s own. But he lost his wife in some constructed dreams made by him. That event resulted in a guilty conscience for an unexpected risk—she often interrupted into his job when using dreams to steal something. Therefore he wanted to fix that mind problems and hoped he could go back home to see his children.
    For this reason, he took a job from Mr. Saito who was one of his past subjects. The job is to plant a concept into the chief rival of Mr. Saito’s business enterprise to let that rival would disband his company. However, it’s very dangerous if there was a tiny thing wrong, and then he would never come back. For achieving the goal, he needed to create 3 layers construction of dreams. With his going deeper and deeper in the dream layers, he gradually sank into his own reflex setting in his own brain. Finally, he seemed to make a triumph and come back home successfully. However, the totem that stands for dream or not told us that he was still in his dream. Maybe we could affirm that he was basically in “limbo” situation from the start.
    Admittedly, it may be true that he fell into the deeper dream layer in some conditions. Nevertheless, this alone may bring about some flaws that all his partners reunited again. Because on no account can we ignore the value of this movie’s dream background setting which means it made something weird but reasonable in the dreams, there is no denying that we are compelled to accept many other explanations. When all materials are carefully compared, the most striking conclusion is conceivable that he was still in the dream.
    All in all, it goes without saying that my point will be greatly substantiated by all evidence above. Therefore, due to the reasons mentioned, which bolster my argument and thus become more persuasive, we may safely reach the conclusion that Cobb was still in “limbo” situation from the start. However, if we connect with Leonardo's previous movie, Shutter Island, it seems to be reasonable for a series of psychological movies. In Shutter Island, Leonardo got serious mental disease and then he resulted in some kind of schizophrenia. Therefore, he indulged into the dreams to find his new life. Of course, he married and had 3 children but all died in Shutter Island. Maybe it just the same situation in Inception. And don't forget he was mental abnormal in both movies.
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