Release Date: 2010.03.12

    It's about the war between the US and Iraq at 2003. Frankly speaking, it's more correct if we say the US invaded Iraq's capital, Baghdad at 2003 for "some" reasons such as justice, humanity, or oil interests, conspiracy, big American capitalism, and you name it. Anyway, let bygones be bygones and go back to the movie itself...

    According to the movie (referenced Rajiv Chandrasekaran's book), Matt Damon acted as chief warrant officer, Roy Miller. His job in Baghdad was to find the weapons of mass destruction (WMD). After several in vain missions, he started to doubt the source of intelligence. As a result, Miller realized that operatives on the US both sides, Central Intelligence Agency and Pentagon Special Intelligence, are attempting to spin the whole invasion story in their favor. On the contrary, there was no WMD here. All of this war was just a conspiracy. Miller finally realized whole things and disclosed the truth to all media. 

      "It is not for you to decide what happens here", Freddy, a retired soldier of Iraq, said after he shot to kill Al Rawi, an Iraq general, in front of Miller. I thought it represented the meaning of this movie. In the fact, we can't decide the future of other country. There is different culture, aptness, and fondness in different country. Besides, if we select the priority by ourselves, there is probably much conflict of interests. Interestingly, George W Bush appeared in the film by the image of blurred TV screen and of course, it's uncredited at all. I knew the director wanted to show an ironic scene and he made it!!

      Basically, it's a quite fair movie if the plot is not so sensitive with anti-George W Bush's thoughts. Just like Jason Bourne's style, he always runs and runs, for tracing or escaping. Even I can easily imagine the final result during the intertwined clues. All in all, the plot background is controversial and attractive because it's from an American company, Universal Pictures, and it's notable for this reason. Apart from this, It's just another Jason Bourne's movie I thought.


Small things done well~

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