There is a feature of Intel Core i series CPU--high frequency noise due to the energy-saving design. I don't know why they don't care about this high frequency noise when designed the system, but still some models seem to have no such problem. I guess maybe the manufactories need to use some more expensive soundproof components. Anyway, Sony obviously didn't notice this situation and let the noise problem become the main defect of all the core i CPU series. 

    Fortunately, Sony unlocks the BIOS setting of CPU support C3 C6 function. Now we can disable this energy-saving function to temporary make the noise disappear. But I think they still need to figure out some way to really solve the noise problem with c3 c6 function activation. 

    Due to the weak battery life, I bought a new BPS22 battery for my EA37. There is some tests for these 2 battery with c3 c6 activation or not. 

    First, the battery spec. is below:

    1. BPS22A: original supplied accessory of EA series--10.8V 5000mAh 6 cell
    2. BPS22: original supplied accessory of EB series--11V 3500mAh 4 cell

testing software: Imtec Battery Mark 1.1
setting: no cpu load, fast test mode

BPS22 without c3 c6 function
testing result: 1:39


graph-bps22-no c4.png

BPS22 with c3 c6 function
testing result: 2:14
c3 c6 function can increase about 35 mins battery life with 3500mAh



BPS22A without c3 c6 function
testing result: 2:03



BPS22A with c3 c6 function
testing result: 3:29
c3 c6 function can increase about 86 mins battery life with 5000mAh



    According to the result, BPS22A is 1.24 times longer than BPS22 (123mins vs. 99mins) and 
when activating the c3 c6 support, BPS22a is 1.55 times longer than BPS22 (209 mins vs. 134mins). (comparing with the theory value 5000mAh/3500mAh= 1.42)

    c3 c6 support function can increase 1.35 (134/99) and 1.69 (209/123) times for battery life with BPS22 and BPS22A respectively. 

    We may reach the conclusion that c3 c6 can effectively increase the battery life almost 1.5 times. The manufactories need to solve the noise problem utterly instead of only inactivation of c3 c6 function. Now I turn off the c3 c6 function when I plug the AC line, and turn on tis function when I use battery power. I expect that I could always turn on this function without high frequency noise some day. The manufactories should fix this problem as soon as possible.


Small things done well~

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