Release Date: 2011.01.28

      The film is based on the true story--a one-armed mountain climber, Aron Ralston (James Franco), who cut his one arm by his dull knife when trapping by a boulder in Blue John Canyon, Utah, for 127 hours in 2003. 

      The whole plot of this story is so simple. It's almost done by only one main actor, James Franco. Here is the story: Aron (James Franco) who loves canyoneering and goes to Canyonlands National Park in Utah alone without telling any other people such as his familiy, friends and colleagues due to his self-important and thoughtless personality. He just thinks that he can live and survive well without assistance from other people. Therefore he always chooses the challenging way to fulfilled his ambition.

      When he pass through a narrow passage, one boulder was just suddenly falling down and exactly pinning his right arm against the canyon wall. Yes, he's stuck in the bottom of the narrow passage. No matter what he cried and exerted his all strength, nothing changed at all. He realized that he probably dies here. After 5 days, he decided to cut his arm off by his dull knife and the enough force from the boulder. In the real episode he took 1 hour to cut his arm off, instead of 5 mins in the film. But it's still so nauseating and horrible.

      When he recording a video diary with his camera, he rethought his wilful attitude to his family and ex-girlfriend. He perceived that all things are arranged accurately from the beginning. It's all about cause and effect. If he told other people his itinerary, someone should know how to find him. If he recalled his mother before his journey, maybe he is not here at all. People will really rethink and realize the meanings of life when facing the big struggle, especially approching death. Although the movie itself seems to be too simple to be more attractive, the core vaule is successfully embedded--rethinking yourself before you still have the chance.

      Of course, cutting the arm off is so much like the series of "Saw". I can't help thinking the lines, "Hello Aron. You don't know me, but I know you. I want to play a game. In the past, you don't cherish your family and friends and always think that you can survive alone without any help. Now you can prove it. You have 127 hours to escape or you will die for no food and water. There is only one way to escape--cut off your arm. Look around Aron. Know that I'm not lying. Better hurry up. Live or die, make your choice...

      Anyway, Don't forget to leave a note to your family or friends if you will go outside alone......


Small things done well~

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  • summermimi
  • it's a good movie and make me a motiv to buy the original story book.