Gmail checker 1.1.2 Gmail套件

function: 10/10
compatibility: 10/10

Simple, useful, and powerful extension! If you use Gmail, Try this extension!

簡單有用又強大的套件! 假如有用Gmail的話別錯過這個套件囉

      This is a Gmail extension. You can read your Gmail in the popup windows anytime, and don't need to link to Gmail and wait it every time. It can displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox on the icon. Basically it's also like Chrome's extension, Google Mail checker plus. Let us see the picture as below: You can set the update minutes, check the number of unread mails only in the inbox or in all folders, set the click function with opening a new tab or showing the popup, and set the sounds on new mails. Also you can write a mail on the popup. How easy and convenient the extension is!

      這是一個Gmail的套件,你可以隨時在彈出視窗閱讀你的Gmail信件而不需要再連到Gmail然後等他開啟。他也可以在圖示的地方顯示未讀的信件有幾封。基本上他跟Chrome的套件Google Mail checker plus很像,由下圖可以看到他可以設定要多久更新一次,要顯示全部新信還是收件箱的,按下按鍵時要新開分頁還是彈出視窗顯示即可,以及收到新信時的音效。也可以直接在彈出視窗上面寫新信件,多簡單方便的套件阿!


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