Image Autosizer 1.8

function: 8/10
compatibility: 10/10

For image files only, not the normal website HTML mode. Suitable for those too big or small images with your browser screen.


      This is an auto size modifier extension. If the picture is larger or smaller than the windows, then it will modify it automatically when you click it. But this only works on the image files, you can't use it in the html. So don't be confused of image autosizer and image preview popup, they are totally two different extensions. Some websites don't allow you to click to get the original image files, therefore this extension may not be very practical. You can still find the flexible options in the manu as below: background color, view modes, and so on. According to the author's quick guide, you can go to Wikipedia: Picture of the Day , and click the image twice to open the image file to try it.

      這是一個可自動調整圖片大小的套件,假如圖片大於或小於視窗,那他會修正大小到符合視窗以便觀看,或其他不同模式。但這只在用瀏覽器開啟單獨圖片檔案才有效,你沒有辦法在網頁裡面使用這個功能,所以不要和剛才提到的image preview popup搞混了,這兩個是完全不同的套件。不過許多網站沒有辦法讓你直接透過按下滑鼠左鍵就能得到圖片檔案(常常都是網頁模式而已),因此這個套件可能在實用性上會降低。不過你仍然可以找到許多調整選項在選單裡面,從背景顏色到瀏覽模式等。而根據作者的快速導覽中提到,可以先到 Wikipedia: Picture of the Day 這個網站中點兩次圖片得到圖片檔案,然後試試看這個外掛的功能吧!!



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