Weather Forecast 1.5.2 天氣預報

function: 5/10 (for me)
compatibility: 10/10

Not enough functions for me, but no major problems so far. So, it's still a practical extension. By the way, it only shows English and no other languages such as Chinese.


      In fact, there are some weather extensions for Opera, but I think this extension is the more suitable for me so far, just because some use other languages than English that even I can't recognize it. Therefore, I'm still looking forward to finding the new weather extensions. This extension is not so perfect for me. I want a weather extension can show a popup to display more detail information such as every 8 hours or 6 hours status, probability of precipitation, etc by clicking or hovering the icon. Maybe in Taiwan, the weather changes very quickly within a day, so I need the more detail information. This extension provides the multiple locations, Celsius or Fahrenheit, 24hr or 12hr, temperature in the icon or not, and update interval.



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