Several months ago, I wrote an article about the browsers, Opera and Chrome-- Chrome is not my final choice..., and now, I would like to go further to the Opera browser. As time goes by, Opera recently launched the 11th version. The main feature is that Opera finally supported the extensions, those were applied in Chrome earlier. In the past, Opera can only use JavaScript to display the customized function such as WOT, super preloader, autosizer, etc. But now, some of the functions can use the extensions to accomplish. I think for normal end-users, using extensions is easier than javascript because instead of editing the javascript code, extensions provide the UI for the users. Of course, I will write an article for javascript of Opera next time.

      之前曾經寫過Opera和Chrome瀏覽器的文章 Chrome is not my final choice..,現在我想繼續提Opera,隨著時間的演進,Opera最近也出到11版了,其中最主要的特色就是支援了延伸套件,而這功能Chrome早就有了。在過去,Opera只能用javascript的方式來呈現一些外加的功能,如網站安全評鑑,超級預讀(快速翻頁),圖片調整等功能,但現在一些功能已經可用延伸套件做到了。我想對於一般的使用者而言,使用延伸套件比起javascript來的簡單多,因為比起修改javascript裡的程式碼而言,使用套件的操作介面自行調整更容易上手。當然,我以後也會寫一篇關於opera的javscript文章。以下是官網和影片介紹:

opera official extension website

      Actually until now, there is only about 400 extensions campared with the chrome extension website that already have ten thousands more extensions. But why I want to choose Opera was explained before, I believe that the number of extensions in Opera website should continue growing. Now let me show some extensions that I have tried and performed well.



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