Recently, I bought a new laptop for replacing the old one. If you observe the laptop market, something you should find--cost down. In the past, PCMCIA or express card slot is common in almost every laptop. However, now, there is only few laptops have this slot. Perhaps for some users, they don't need to extend their laptops, but still some users need to use this function. For me, through express card slot, I can extend to have a usb 3.0 or DVB-T.

    Therefore, I'm looking for a laptop with express card, e-sata port, 13 or 14 inch LCD, less than 2kg, higher resolution than 1366x768. It's hard to find one can all meet my criteria if my budget is 40k NTD. Finally, after some compromise of mobility, I chose Sony Vaio EA37 for my new laptop. 

    Let's see its main specification:

CPU: Core i5-560M 2.66-3.20GHz 
LCD: 14 inch wide (WXGA++: 1600x900)
HDD: 500G 5400RPM (Toshiba)
Optical disc drive: Blu-ray Disc™
GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5650
USB: USB 2.0 x 3
eSATA/USB Port: eSATA/USB 2.0 combo x 1
Others: ExpressCard™/34 x 1, HDMI
Size: 345.8 x 27.3-32.9 x 238.7 mm
Weight 2.35 kg (including the supplied battery)

    Nice spec. except for the weight....(I really prefer below 2 kg, but have no choice..) 
I Bought it from Taiwan Sony Style online shop. Of course the price has no discount at all--It's Sony style...but it's still a good price in Taiwan I think.
Let's see my new laptop!!

I bought it online at 3 pm, and received it at the noon next day. So quick!

IMGP0203 [640x480].JPG

My old laptop--Fujitsu S6240. It's still in good condition and only 1.8kg, but more than 5 years old...

IMGP0204 [640x480].JPG

You can see only 3 things in the container--laptop, free Haagen-Dazs ice cream certificate, and a simple bag. There is no mouse and notebook case.

IMGP0205 [640x480].JPG

main spec.. I'm not a Sony fan. Utterly I bought it for this spec.

IMGP0207 [640x480].JPG

the laptop box

IMGP0208 [640x480].JPG

laptop with protect paper

IMGP0209 [640x480].JPG

all stuff in the laptop box, including AC adaptor and battery

IMGP0212 [640x480].JPG

laptop EA37, black plastic lid.

IMGP0213 [640x480].JPG

open the lid

IMGP0214 [640x480].JPG

all stickers

IMGP0216 [640x480].JPG


IMGP0217 [640x480].JPG

back, made in China

IMGP0218 [640x480].JPG

can easy change HD, RAM and optical disc drive...

IMGP0220 [640x480].JPG

Battery, BPS22A 5000mAh (EB series with BPS22, 3500mAh)

IMGP0221 [640x480].JPG

left front, Card reader and wireless/bluetooth switcher

IMGP0222 [640x480].JPG

right front, mic and headphone

IMGP0223 [640x480].JPG

right, usb 2.0 x 3, a little bit crowded but still can use it without obstacle for me

IMGP0224 [640x480].JPG

right, optical disc drive and Kensington security slot

IMGP0225 [640x480].JPG

left, Express card, e-sata/usb 2.0 combo, HDMI, D-sub

IMGP0226 [640x480].JPG

left, thermal design, RJ-45 network connector, DC-in

IMGP0227 [640x480].JPG

Power button, and express button--ASSIST, WEB(quick web access), VAIO

IMGP0229 [640x480].JPG

Finally after the first installation.

IMGP0230 [640x480].JPG

    all in all, it's really a nice laptop with a good price but still has some defects. I will share it in the next article. Say goodbye to my Fujitsu S6240.....

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