Japan is a suitable place for backpacking. I've been there 4 times by the backpacking way--3 for Tokyo and 1 for Osaka. If you want to backpack in Japan, you should know what kind of your itinerary is. For sightseeing? shopping? eating? you name it.

    First of all, the traffic in Japan is so convenient that we can all schedule it in advance including the accurate timetable. The second, for us in Taiwan, Japanese is easier than others because it uses lots of "kanji". We can easily guess the meaning of Japanese from those "kanji". The third, Japan is the nearest developed country of Taiwan.

    So, let us begin to plan a trip in Japan....

    You need to ensure what kind of trip you want first..... 
    I always choose the sightseeing for my purpose, and with a little shopping and eating.... 

    Something you should prepare well in the beginning is finding a subway map and the place you want to visit. All the things you can gather by google. Try to figure out how to connect the place you want to go by the subway, and of course you should take others' itineraries as reference. Then try to find a hotel that is just suitable for your traveling course.  

    I think the detail way to prepare the work before setting off is easily searched on internet. Here I don't want to go through it again. 

    In the next article, I will show you the Fuji-Hakone Itinerary made by me.


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