"Google instant previews" is a very powerful technique provided by google. It can show the preview before you clicking the link. Here I don't want to explain the function of this tool. Please use your IE browser and try google search, and I think you will know what I talk about or you already have used it.

      But if you use Opera browser, you will find that you can't use this google tool normally. Now let us use a simple trick to overcome it.



      但是用Opera瀏覽器就是不能使用這個功能,現在讓我們用一個簡單的技巧來克服吧。1. Open your google page, and click Right-click in some blank space
2. Choose edit site preferences and click the network tab
3. Change the browser identification to read identify as Firefox or IE
4. Reload the page and try a search


done!So easy and simple...

      The reason is that google just doesn't add Opera browser to use this function by default. I don't know why but fortunately Opera can identify itself as other browsers.


1. 打開你的google頁面在空白處按滑鼠右鍵
2. 選擇編輯網站設定且並在裡面選網路的標籤
3. 改變瀏覽器識別資料為辨識為firefox或是IE
4. 重整頁面並試一下搜尋



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