image preview popup 2.6.5 預覽圖片

function: 10/10
compatibility: 10/10 (no serious problems so far I think...)

It can give you a quick original image size preview before clicking the link. I think it's qualified to be built in the browser!


      This is definitely a good tool that if you regard the picture on your screen is so small that you want to zoom in. With this tool you don't need to click the picture to open a new window to display the original bigger one. Just hover the image link, the original size of the picture will popup. Of course, if the author doesn't provide the original size of the picture, it won't work at all. This tool is just popup the original size of the picture stored on the interent. The picture as below shows the original size number of the picture. Just check out the upper left corner of the popup area. This tool supports all sites that allow you to click it to get the original size. So you can use it in facebook and other websites. (sorry, but not here...>"<)

      若你常覺得在螢幕上的圖片太小想要點進去看圓圖的話,這絕對是一個很好用的延伸套件。利用這個套件你不需要真的點進去看圓圖,只要用滑鼠移到圖片上,若有提供原圖的話就會自動顯示在旁邊的彈出視窗裡,當然若原本就沒有提供大圖的話就沒辦法囉。 底下的圖片左上角有顯示該原圖的原始尺寸大小,而這個外掛原則上支援所有的網站,只要有提供點進去可看原圖的話。所以像是facebook之類的都可以,但這裡除外囉 XD


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